Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Keys to Your Home

Mulla Nusradin was looking for his keys to his home in the street one evening. As he couldn't find them he began crying out "Oh where are my keys! How can I get inside my home without my keys!". Luckily some of his friends walked by and saw him and they started to help Mulla look for his keys but even though many eyes were now looking, they still didn't find the keys. After some time, one of his friends asked, "Mulla where did you last see your keys? Then we can start the search from there.". Mulla said, "Oh, that was inside my house.". The friends were surprised and they asked, "But Mulla, why then were you searching outside your house in the street?". Mulla smiled and pointed to the street lamp and said, "Because here's more light!"

So, what's the point of this ancient wisdom story :) ?

You are welcome to share your stories of ancient wisdom with me.


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