Sunday, March 01, 2009

Why do I see hardened hearts

do I see hardened hearts
when 80 % of this world is soft as water

does it flow from above
when our hands cannot hold this softness
without deceiving it's reflection

when the human body consists of these 80%
why then
can we not hold this water
in our hearts
without dropping below zero

Sung Kyung 1993

The Earth is yours

The Earth - the planet is
lilke a baby fetus
asleep in the safety of the mighty womb
beneath the stars
sprinkled out on the sky - high
and clear. This Earth - this planet is
every day, in every
way, I may be a cell
in the body of this babychild
or just an atom
of love, being breathed in and out
laughing through water
through space,
just wonder - Take this moment!
Who is this Being, the Human
race.. the animals, the birds, the plants the trees
- be a mother
be a father

Sung Kyung 1993

Visage d'Amour

Au fond de mon Coeur
il se frappe brusquement
le visage d'Amour

toute silent
loin des yeux qui savoir voire
les sentiment de-dans

Pour me caresse
lentement comme une escalier se lever
presque d'ou
on peut faire conaissance du Soleil

Au fond de mon Coeur
Il y a une monde qui se tourne
en embrassente dans l'Eau les etoiles tombées
Comme si le Ciel lui-même
les m'a donné
pour faire des Rêves

L'argent Bleu me caresse cette Nuit

Sung Kyung 1993

All continues

It is All
in your heart
to feel and unfold
I don't know what is happening
but you're coming with me and I with you

Nothing ends
all continues
nothing ends
there is too much love
in our world
to end us

Sung Kyung 1994