Friday, June 27, 2014

Blossomming only once every hundred years (2008)

In Joongang Daily, I've read that there's a plant, which bloom only once every hundred years. It's called six agaves, also known as “century plants”. Nature's vast and intricate creations amaze me!! Basically, it reminds me again on the time when I became vegetarian - growing up close to the forrest and the sea, a respect for nature came natural to me along with a gradually increasing understanding about how the nature seems sooo intelligent, when learning on plants and animals - looking into the eyes of a soft-hearted cow, or hearing the cute sound of little lambs and seeing the running in flock with their ears bumping up and down.. - I just realized.. - how can I honestly support killing, devouring and just destroying such cuteness, such beauty and such.. LIFE in all it's various expressions

Real Gifts (2008)

Real gifts open up my heart
Real gifts make something feel light inside
Real gifts are friends to laugh with, listen to, celebrate with
Real gifts come to those who share themselves
Real gifts blossom from within
Real gifts make others blossom too
Real gifts have no price, no name, no country, no religion, no race, no judgement
Real gifts cannot be bought, only given

Friday, June 13, 2014

Love is..

Love is a thousand flowers blossoming in my heart